Foel Fawr LVIA, Bridgend

Extract from LVIA


Client: Afan Energy Ltd

Location: Foel Fawr, Bridgend

Services: Landscape Architecture, Planning Consultancy

The Urbanists prepared a planning application for a 30 hectare site in Caerau, for the implementation of a solar panel array. The landscape context and the terrain of the site was challenging.

Our planning and landscape expertise collaborated with the solar array designer and with ecological and arboricultural input. Our landscape architects undertook the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) and designed the mitigation strategy, whilst our planning consultants coordinated the planning application.

Our planning expertise coordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment and organised the Appeal.

The scale of the project and the prominence of the site highlighted that there was always going to be an adverse impact in terms of the landscape and visual impacts. The site is on view to a large are of landscape and could be clearly viewed from a Special Landscape Area.

The peer review of our LVIA methodology was important on this project as we understood the sensitivities of such a large development. We also used specialists to interrogate our zone of visual influence and provide photomontages of the scheme from various, sensitive locations.

Sensitivities of the landscape included the openness and steepness of the site and its adjacency to a Special Landscape Area. There were however, during the course of our assessment, anomalies uncovered in the landscape character assessments completed by the local authorities and the national characterisation mapping, LANDMAP, of our site and surroundings.

The LVIA formed a part of the Environmental Impact Assessment and resulting Environmental Statement.