Client: Bellway Homes Plc

Location: Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire

Services: Landscape Architecture

Bellway Homes asked us to undertake an appraisal of a site in Pucklechurch, South Gloucestershire, where they were investigating the opportunities and capacity that it provided.

The Urbanists evaluated the constraints and opportunities of the existing site, alongside the proposals tabled by Bellway Homes for 34 residential units.

The development of the 34 units was part of a wider scheme delivering 49 dwellings overall, using open land along Oaktree Avenue, in lling between existing properties.

Of particular note, to the east of 57 Oaktree Avenue, is a Grade II listed Barrage Balloon Mooring Site, adjacent to
but not directly within, the red line area of the proposed residential development further to the east. It was the setting of this listed structure and its relationship to the proposed residential development which was the focus of this appraisal.

It was highlighted to the client that a ‘Statement of Signi cance’ was required for any applications affecting heritage assets – whether designated or not - and their settings.

Following the written representation an outline planning application is under preparation.

Our site appraisal summarised:

  • A redesign of the curtilage of some plots would provide more ‘openness’.

  • A review the orientation of these plots would help provide more ‘openness’ and overlooking to the public open space.

  • The design and delivery of the public open space and LEAP adjacent to the development was key.

  • The local authority would need to determine if a ‘Statement of Signifcance’ was required, and by whom.