New Eastern Villages, Swindon


Client: Ainscough Strategic Land

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

Service: Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

In July 2013 The Urbanists were appointed as part of a multi-disciplinary team for Ainscough Strategic Land to prepare a masterplan, design a landscape framework and undertake a landscape and visual impact assessment for two new villages which will form part of the New Eastern Villages.

An outline and a detailed application has been submitted for 159 hectares of land. The application site includes two of the villages Earlscourt and Lower Earlscourt which will be an important part of the New Eastern Villages extension to Swindon. The application area will provide around 2600 homes, together with a local centre, a primary school, public open space - including playing elds and allotments - and other associated infrastructure.

Overall the mixed use urban extension for east Swindon is for about 8000 new homes with associated retail, employment, education and leisure facilities.

The completion of the LVIA covered 12 character areas, with views from an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The impact of the development, though set against the backdrop of the urban fringe of Swindon, could be viewed over a wide area as the topography of the landscape allows long, wide views. There was coordination and discussion with the local authority through the process.

The LVIA formed a part of the Environmental Impact Assessment and resulting Environmental Statement.