Walters Farm Landscape Masterplan, Barry

Walters Farm LVIA, Vale of Glamorgan


Client: Walters Land Ltd

Location: Walters Farm

Service: LVIA

The Urbanists worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team, on behalf the landowners, to provide a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) to inform the development framework for an 8.5 hectare site in Barry.

The LVIA and the Landscape Strategy were delivered working closely with the ecological constraints of the site. The site is not an allocated site within the Local Development Plan.

The site is located on the north-western edge of Barry, strategically sited at an important junction which provides access both east-west and north- south. It lies on the edge of the built-up area and is adjoined on two sides by existing residential

The site is partially visible from its two immediate residential neighbouring communities.
There is a small group of existing buildings sitting on the site. The original farmhouse dates back to the eighteenth century and is of low historic and architectural value.

The sites eld patterns are well de ned by hedgerows, some having been better managed than others. Working with the design team
it was essential that these boundaries were retained, they helped inform the masterplan as
a form of constraint yet also opportunity. The site also partly falls within a SINC and woodland adjacent which is part of a SSSI. The landscape characteristics and appraisal were extensive and working closely with the ecologist was essential.

The LVIA informed where hedgerow should be retained and how the masterplan should be developed. Adverse impacts were minimised through this process.

The LVIA formed a part of the Environmental Impact Assessment and resulting Environmental Statement.