Luke Hiorns

Urban Designer

BSc (Hons), LCGI, MA

Luke is a talented and committed Urban Designer with a Degree in City & Regional Planning a masters degree in Urban Design. Lukes research has previously been nominated for the Transport Geography Research Group undergraduate prize. He supports the team with a wide range of technical, graphic and professional support. Luke has experience in regeneration masterplanning, residential design and strategic transport improvement. 

Joining The Urbanists at Graduate level, Luke has continued to develop and learn from those around him. Luke has experience of working closely with both public and private sector clients.

Luke is particularly passionate about how design can improve the lives of people from an economic and social well being point of view. As a firm believer in designing for people, he is particularly interested in transit orientated development and how successful implementation can create some of the most successful places that work for everybody.


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Key experience

•  Residential Masterplanning

•  Framework Masterplans

•  Regeneration

•  Design and Access Statements

•  Public Realm Design



What do you think makes a successful place 'work'?

Places should facilitate life within them, I believe that the most successful places that are those designed around the people that use them. 

What is your favourite place & why?

The Kreuzberg district of Berlin is an area of real buzz. A deeply historical area, which is at the cutting edge of uniqueness.  Although the naturally beauty of the Gower is hard to beat.


What interests you outside of work?

Im a keen rugby player and have a passion for exploring on my bicycle. I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself.  


Where would you most like to visit in the next ten years?

Iraqi Kurdistan – a beautiful part of an interesting country. I had planned to go there mid-2017 until being talked out of it! 


What activity to you most want to undertake in the next ten years?

I would like to successfully complete a full IronMan Triathlon.