Turning recognition into results

In the last month we’ve been named among the ‘50 creative companies making their mark in Wales’, while also being listed among the ‘companies making a social impact in Wales’.





This puts us amongst some great businesses, such as Admiral Insurance, The Principality Bulding Society, Indycube, Bluestone National Park Resort, Badwolf, Huit Denim, Loyn & Co, Green Man Festival and many others. 


When I told the team, they were rightly pleased, but there was no backslapping, party poppers or even a whiff of complacency. We all just got on with doing what we do.  The inclusion amongst such vaunted companies is very nice, but it doesn’t really change things for us. We love what we do, we feel that what we do is important and we are motivated by seeing our advice turn into better places, irrespective of whether that is a new housing development or a regenerated High Street. 


These articles remind us is that there is an awareness of what we do and that we now have a reputation that we must surpass. 

James B