The Planning (Wales) Act 2020

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The Law Commission has today released its consultation paper on proposals to overhaul and bring together all planning legislation in Wales into a single Act (‘codification’).  
It was last consolidated in the TCPA 1990 and has since undergone numerous additions and amendments, becoming increasingly fragmented with the divergence of Wales and England law. 
The Commission’s proposal is to simplify and modernise planning law in Wales.  

The consultation paper (of over 500 pages) covers the full extent of planning law including appeals, permitted development, planning applications, listed buildings and conservation areas, trees, advertising, challenges, and development plans.
It is expected that this will then form the Planning (Wales) Act 2020.

The consultation is being held for three months and the paper can be viewed here:

We will provide further commentary in due course, but please call Mark Farrar if you wish to discuss in the meantime.