The Urbanists – Celebrate their first Employee Ownership Day!

The 28th June is EO Day, a national celebration of employee ownership and a major opportunity to raise awareness of the economic benefits and positive impact the sector has on the UK economy.

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With numerous events running across the UK and the involvement of thousands of employee owners and other partners, EO Day is an integral part of the Employee Ownership Association’s events calendar and was introduced to raise awareness of employee ownership as an economically strong and balanced business model.  

The benefits of employee ownership have been proven in EOA-led research, and include improving employee health and wellbeing, increasing productivity and fostering creativity and innovation across an array of industry sectors.  The built environment is one of the fastest growing employee ownership sectors, currently representing 40% of UK Employee Ownership business. We’re pleased to be part of it. 

The Urbanists are 3 months in to their Employee Ownership and today we celebrate with a Heads Up and Smile Team Lunch.  Why Heads Up & Smile? It’s reminding us that sometimes we are so engrossed in our projects, meetings and deadlines, as a team sometimes we need to put our heads up, out of our devices and engage with everyone around us.   What better way to celebrate with a team lunch and plenty of smiles !