Blaencwm Residential

Extract from masterplan

Extract from masterplan

Client: Glaister Russell Developments
Location: Delwyn Terrace, Blaencwm, Rhondda
Service: Planning Consultancy


The Urbanists are acting for Glaister Russell Developments for the development of land for residential use (30 units, 1.5ha divided into two phases) at Blaencwm, Rhondda.  The Urbanists have been retained to manage the planning process for both phases of land, and ensure that outline permission for development has remained extant over the past ten plus years.

The site is outside the settlement boundary and has required a sensitive approach to layout and landscape design.  

The project proposed donating a parcel of land, that was within the client’s ownership, for informal public use by the existing community.  A claim for Village Green status however was made by the community which then prevented the provision of the additional parking which was also proposed to be provided for those existing residents.  In order then to comply with the requirements of the planning permission the Urbanists had to secure consent for part of that designated land to then be released from the VG designation.  This application was granted by the Inspector, therefore allowing the local highway improvements to be made, and the project to progress.   

In addition to this the Urbanists secured full planning permission for access and engineering works to allow construction works to commence.

The Urbanists provided masterplanning services for the site layout, including strategic landscape design, and are now providing architectural design services for the detailed design of the proposed units to be taken forward to full planning stage.