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Blaencwm Residential Planning Permission 

Client: Glaister Russell Development Company

Location: Blaencwm, Rhondda

The Urbanists secured full planning permission for 33 units in Blaencwm, Rhondda.  We were responsible for preparing the planning application, which included designing the scheme layout and house types, and negotiating the resolution to approve.  One of the key challenges was to demonstrate that the scheme addressed flood risk policy, which was successfully achieved through comprehensive negotiation with Natural Resources Wales.

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The conclusion reached by the Local Planning Authority was that the planning application was “sympathetic to the character and appearance of the locality and the Special Landscape Area, and is acceptable in terms of its consequences for management and mitigation of flood risk, ecological interests, highway safety and affordable housing provision in accordance with relevant LDP policies” (Officer Report to Committee).

We will now be advising the applicant as the scheme is implemented in 2018.  

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Images prepared by The Urbanists.