Foel Fawr Solar Array, Bridgend

Extract from LVIA

Extract from LVIA


Client: Marcol Energy Ltd
Maesteg, South Wales
Planning consultancy and Landscape services

The Urbanists were appointed on behalf of Marcol Energy to manage the planning process for a proposed 5MWp (10ha) solar array, near Maesteg.  The project involved the Urbanists scoping, and managing of the Environmental Impact Assessment process, and collating the Environmental Statement including final scripting.  

The Urbanists also provided landscape architecture services in the preparation of the LVIA.

The Urbanists managed the entire planning process through the various iterations of the scheme design that were required in order to respond to matters raised during the planning process, however, it was still refused by Committee.  The Urbanists were therefore instructed to take the decision to appeal.  This involved additional scrutiny of the ES by the Welsh Government to confirm its soundness.

The project included the proposal to form a Community Energy Trust Fund with Valleys to Coast Housing Association (registered social landlord for properties in the local area).  This would involve the distribution of funds to households to subsidise the costs of domestic energy.