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Gower College, Swansea

Client: Gower College Swansea

Location: Swansea, South Wales

Services: Planning Consultancy & Landscape Architecture

The Urbanists secured outline planning permission for the redevelopment of 17,000 sq.m of education space at Gower College Swansea Ty Coch Campus. To achieve this outcome we co-ordinated a team of environmental consultants to prepare a comprehensive planning application and provided a landscape strategy for the site.  We also managed the pre-application process with the LPA including a public consultation strategy.  Following the submission of the main outline application we worked closely with the City and County of Swansea Council to determine the application, which included the agreement of associated planning obligations. We are now advising on the implementation of the masterplan, and have secured detailed planning permission for the first two phases of the re-development. 

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A detailed key planning challenge addressed was achieving agreement with the LPA on when the highway financial contribution could be made at the point in the phasing strategy when the development would increase traffic movements on the local highway. The secured agreement ensures that the College is able to progress the initial phases of the redevelopment strategy without incurring significant early financial contributions. 

Images courtesy of Powell Dobson Architects