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RX Gym, Didsbury

shifnal lioncourt

Client: RX Gym

Location: West Didsbury, Manchester

Services: Planning Consultancy

The Urbanists were appointed to resolve on-going enforcement action by Manchester City Council against the operation of a gym, which was subject to complaints concerning noise and disturbance.

RxGym opened in February 2015 in a mixed-use property (residential above) in West Didsbury, Manchester.  The operation wassubject to complaints from residential occupiers concerning noise and disturbance.  The operators then discovered that a condition of the 2014 planning permission had not been discharged which required a noise mitigation strategy to reduce noise impacts to acceptable levels in surrounding properties. 

Although a number of measures had been put in place, the Council pursued enforcement action due to breach of planning condition.  The operator had sought to resolve the problem without success through various schemes and reports.  This difficulty was threatening closure of the gym.  

The Urbanists were then appointed on behalf of RXGym to formally resolve the breach.  Specialist acoustic consultants were commissioned to prepare a detailed survey and a robust scheme for noise mitigation.  We worked closely with the Council to ensure that the submission achieved its requirements for noise control and, following formal submission and negotiation, the breach of condition notice was finally lifted, and the relevant condition was formally discharged.  The business can now move confidently forward without this significant threat.

The Managing Director of RX Gym, Patrick Claffey, commented:

“from the first ‘phone call I got a clear impression that they knew what needed to happen and how to do it…they took control of the situation allowing me to de-stress and concentrate upon my business. Without the knowledge and experience of Mark, James and the team at The Urbanists my company would have been forced to close.”

Further information on the gym can be found here: www.rxgym.co.uk