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James Alexander Foxhall

Design Assistant



James is a recent Architectural Design & Technology graduate from Cardiff. He specialises in interoperating designs using various tools such as 3D computer modelling and visualising techniques. He understands the importance of clearly communicating designs in various mediums clients can understand and interpret. 

James also assists the team in a broad range of design, presentation and computer tasks.










What do you think makes a successful place 'work'?

Teamwork, without a shadow of a doubt. A group of people working off the same page is vital to creating and translating design concepts into reality. 

What are your favourite places & why?

Berlin, Germany is my favourite place to visit. The city has an amazing atmosphere, incredibly friendly people and a wonderful blend of modern and traditional architecture / spaces. The night life is rather renowned too...!

Prague, Czech Republic and Zagreb, Croatia come a close 2nd and 3rd. Both wonderful cities, mostly down to their history and incredibly friendly and inviting locals.

What interests you outside of work?

I try and split my time equally enjoying various hobbies such as photography, gaming and my love of music & DJ'ing. There are even better when shared with family and friends. I also love exploring the stunning natural beauty Wales has to offer.


Greatest influences in professional work?

The first time I experienced a complex architectural / landscape model in VR (Virtual Reality) and my ever wonderful partner.

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