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Swansea Digital Village, 71-72 The Kingsway

Client: City and County of Swansea Council

Location: Swansea

Services: Planning, Landscape architecture, Urban Design

The Urbanists are acting as planning consultants and landscape architects to Swansea Council with WSP to assist with delivering the significant catalyst regeneration project for the former Oceana site and Picton Lane in Swansea City Centre.  The project proposes a mixed use office and commercial building of some 9,000 sq m, providing modern employment space to meet high strategic demand.  The lower floors will comprise commercial uses including exhibition space and food and drink.   

The project includes some 3620 sq m of new public realm creating new pedestrian connections through the area between The Kingsway and Oxford Street.  

Image courtesy of Architecture 00

Image courtesy of Architecture 00

The Landscape’s key strategy is to support the Digital Hub’s innovative green roof and improved water quality initiatives through equally innovative Green Infrastructure interventions, such as; rain gardens, permeable paving, green wall technologies and integrated landscape drainage solutions.

The Landscape strategy will also support new pedestrian connecting links within the public realm from Oxford Street to The Kingsway and a key central public space will form the heart of the new development offering flexible outdoor space for social, cultural and entertainment uses whilst providing excellent temporary “pop up” SME opportunities for new technology entrepreneurs. The public realm design will reinforce the sense of place created by the built form and bridge the distinction between the contemporary character of The Kingsway and the more traditional character of Oxford Street/Plymouth Street.

The landscape materials strategy will reinforce the modern, vibrant ‘Tech-centric’ identity of the new development. 
The approach will be elegant, robust and ‘semi-industrial’ in character. It will feel as if it has always been there whilst embracing innovative technologies such as evolving SuDs, Smart City and Green Infrastructure strategies. The planting strategy for the public realm areas within the Digital Village will be architecturally sensitive, human scale and adaptable to the varied uses and microclimate conditions around the site. There is a highly creative and dynamic approach to architectural lighting that ensures extended hours use whilst ensuring a safe and secure environment. Key city cycle routes will be catered for with sheltered cycle stalls and full universal access for all has been a key driver of the landscape architectural solutions.


The Urbanists are providing planning consultancy services including managing the pre-application process, assisting with the consultation strategy, and will be preparing the full planning application.  The architects are Architecture 00.