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Town Centre Investment Management

Client: Peter Brett Associates LLP

Location: Weston Super Mare, South West England

Services: Urban Design, Masterplanning

The Urbanists were appointed as part of team, lead by John Parmiter at Peter Brett Associates to prepare pilot projects to support work being prepared for the British Property Federation. Our remit was to undertake a feasibility study to consider how the concept of Town Centre Investment Management could be applied to part of Weston-super-Mare town centre and part of Newport City Centre

The scheme looked at how the client could apply the TCIM concept by taking a different approach to property ownership and management. Our role was to prepare an urban design / concept architecture overview of how the properties in the study area could be adapted to create larger, more commercially attractive units, while also improving the quality of access to upper oors for residential.

Our approach in Weston also recommended adaptions to the public realm between the properties to create an inviting restaurant quarter.