A location which reflects what we do

Our strategy will evolve constantly, but Our Mission and Our Values must endure. Our Values are: 

We are very good at what we do, but we want to be better. We want to be better for the personal challenge, but also because we want to make the biggest difference that we can. We also want to encourage, inspire and support one another to be better, all of the time. 

Our success will be measured by the projects that are completed and which make a difference, on our profitability and our enjoyment of our work 

Our Employee Owned company structure will enable us to constantly enhance our culture and keep the team invigorated so that we constantly grow and so that the business grows with us. 

We will nurture from within and develop our own in the short, medium and long term. We will invest in the team’s skills, wellbeing and happiness in a working environment that is ambitious, driven and challenging, but also supportive, enjoyable and good-natured 

We will make decisions for the short, medium and long term 

We must be profitable, because strong profitability will enable us to sustain the business into the very long term. Ensuring that everyone benefits from those profits is therefore essential. 

We want to be efficient and agile to give us the space to be at our professional best and concentrate on what matters.

The power of inter-disciplinary exchange

Our team is the heart of what we do and their eduation and professional experience is based upon:

  • town planning

  • urban design and masterplanning

  • landscape architecture

  • architecture; and

  • business management and administration

Our integrated approach to combining these specialisms which is at the root of our culture. By blending our skills in accordance with our clients’ needs and by striving for professional excellence, we believe we can offer our clients solutions that are not only realistic and imaginative but deliverable.

Deliverable solutions

What drives us is being involved in successful projects and creating great places that are realised on the ground, not on files, in reports and in drawings. Our focus is always on providing advice that helps our clients deliver their aspirations on time and to budget.

Sense of humour and humility 

There aren't any egos in The Urbanists! We all enjoy our work and enjoy working together and to perpetuate this we only recruit those people who will add to our espirit de corps.