A location which reflects what we do

In August 2014 we moved to our new studio in the Creative Quarter in Cardiff City Centre, a location that is more aligned to our love of vibrant economic places with an active social context. Our new location also means is that we have been able to implement a long held ambition to reduce the amount we use our cars for business. Almost all of our team use either public transport, walking or cycling as their main mode of transport to work.

The power of inter-disciplinary exchange

Our skill base is drawn from town planning, urban design, landscape architecture and masterplanning and it is our integrated approach to combining these specialisms which is at the root of our culture. By blending our skills in accordance with our clients’ needs and by striving for professional excellence, we believe we can offer our clients solutions that are not only realistic and imaginative but deliverable.

Deliverable solutions

What drives us is being involved in successful projects and creating great places that are realised on the ground, not on files, in reports and in drawings. Our focus is always on providing advice that helps our clients deliver their aspirations on time and to budget.

Sense of humour and humility 

There aren't any egos in The Urbanists. We all enjoy our work and enjoy working together and to perpetuate this we only recruit those people who will add to our espirit de corps.